The 1st Genomic Music App ever

GeneGroove is the first iPhone App to play a unique melody from genome information. It allows patients with personal genomics data to play a unique music from their genome. It actually works with the raw data from genomic tests obtained from the company 23andMe.

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About Us

GeneGroove was created by Portable Genomics, LLC, a startup company based in La Jolla, CA, with the help of Libeo, Bordeaux, France, DJ Omar Paraiso, San Diego, CA and DJ CAM, Los Angeles/Paris.

Portable Genomics

BioIT, Genomics web site

Portable Genomics is developing mobile software for wireless genomics healthcare applications. We are molecular biologists, music lovers and GeneGroove is our first contribution to the new space for Genomic Entertainment.


Developers website

Libeo is a web design agency and mobile application development shop based in Paris and Bordeaux, France. Libeo is involved in the coding of GeneGroove with a particular interest for the melody creation engine.

Omar Paraiso

Musician, DJ, Producer website

Omar Paraiso is creator and host of the Deep House radio show and blog Soulful Living that focus on the deeper side of soulful house music. Omar has composed GeneGroove's initial music sounds. Omar is GeneGroove's music composer and artistic advisor.

Omar Paraiso is GeneGroove Ambassador.


Musician, DJ, Producer website

Laurent Daumail, abstract maestro, a life-long musician and DJ who’s groundbreaking work established him as a pioneer in the worlds of underground hip-hop, trip-hop, and dance. Laurent is GeneGroove's music composer, producer and business advisor.

DJ CAM is GeneGroove Ambassador.


Genome analysis

GeneGroove analyzes your genome information and identifies what makes you unique. It then creates a unique melody of music from this information. We call it genomic music. This is Genomic Entertainment.

This 1st version of GeneGroove uses 23andMe partial genome test results. You need 23andMe raw data to generate your genomic music. For those who don't have genome data, we have included a demo genome.

Genome music

GeneGroove analyzes your genome, generates a numeric key, deletes your genome data and finally uses the numeric key to assemble music loops created by DJ Omar Paraiso into a melody.

DJ Omar Paraiso has created multiple music loops that are assembled into 11 different tracks during the GeneGroove process. GeneGroove produces a full 11 tracks album from your genome

Genome protection

During the process GeneGroove de-indentify your information and erase your genome data from your iPhone to protect your privacy. With the GeneGroove process, your music cannot be deciphered back into your genome data.

GeneGroove's de-identification algorithm is a unique patented process developed by Portable Genomics. It allows a safe use of genome data in entertainment applications.


GeneGroove process explained



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Learn about GeneGroove

  • Q. 1. About your Genome Data

    Q: What Genome data can I use?
    A: This first version of GeneGroove Free is using ONLY partial Genome data obtained from a 23andMe test (23andMe, Inc., Mountain View, CA. More information on 23andMe tests is available at

    Q: Will GeneGroove allow me to use data from any other DTC-Genomics company?
    A: Not right now. However, the next versions of GeneGroove will allow you to use Genome data from any other DTC-Genomics companies including Genetic Ancestry companies.

  • Q. 2. Using your Genome Data

    Q: I have 23andMe Genome data, how can i use them?
    A: You need 1) to logging into 23andMe's website using your private account and 2) to transfer your raw data onto your computer. On your computer, log into 23andMe's website. You can download your raw data by clicking on "Account" in the upper right-hand corner of any page and selecting "Browse Raw Data" then "Download Raw Data". On the "Download Raw Data" web page, select your profile and make sure to select the "All DNA" Data set. Click "Download Data". The data set will be downloaded in your computer's download folder as a .zip file named WARNING: At that point it is highly recommended to decompress the zip file into the .text file and to remove "your_name" from the name of this file as: Full_2011.txt. If your computer has automatically unzipped the file, don't worry and proceed the same with the file genome_your_name_Full_2011.txt and renamed it Full_2011.txt. GeneGroove can handle the .zip file but it is highly recommended to proceed as mentioned above.

    A: Transfer of your Genome data onto your iPhone is done with iTunes only in this version of GeneGroove Free. WARNING: It is highly recommended to use the .txt file and to remove "your_name" from the name of your data file as: Full_2011.txt

    Q: Can you explain the iTunes process for Genome data transfer?
    A: Use the iTunes sync feature:
    - Connect your iPhone to your computer.
    - Launch iTunes.
    - Select your iPhone.
    - Go to the Apps tab.
    - Scroll down to the GeneGroove files box and drop your Genome data file from your computer to your iPhone. Remember to rename your .txt file like Full_2011.txt. WARNING: It is highly recommended to use the .txt file and to remove "your_name" from the name of your data file as: Full_2011.txt
    - Sync.

  • Q. 3. Genome data and privacy issues

    Q: What is the GeNumber?
    A: The GeNumber is a digital number key (patent pending) which is representative of your Genome data uniqueness but does not contains any Genome data nor can be deciphered back into your Genome data.

    Q: Is the GeNumber key safe on my iPhone?
    A: Yes. It does not contain any Genome data and cannot be deciphered back into your Genome data. GeneGroove Free will keep your GeNumber on your iPhone until you upload a new set of Genome data. At that time it will create a new GeNumber and erase the previous one.

    Q: What if i loose my iPhone after I upload my Genome data and before I launch GeneGroove?
    A: If you loose your iPhone after uploading your Genome data and before you launch GeneGroove, there is a risk of data leak. The 23andMe Genome data file does not contain any information related to your name, except in the filename of your raw data file which contains your name. To avoid any privacy issue problem, we highly recommend to rename your file before transferring your Genome data on your iPhone (it is highly recommended to decompress the .zip raw data file into the .text file and to remove "your_name" from the name of this file as: Full_2011.txt). For this reason too we also highly recommend to launch GeneGroove Free right after you have transferred your Genome data on your iPhone.

  • Q. 4. GeneGroove options

    Q. Is there any settings or options for GeneGroove?
    A. Not that much, GeneGroove use is pretty straight forward. There are only 2 options, one for the selection of data set and one for the selection of Music Moods.

    Q. What is "My Data" option?
    A. You can select to play the melody of your Genome (Me) or to play the music of a demo Genome (Demo). The GeNumber of this later is incorporated into the GeneGroove Free App and won't be erased when you upload a new Genome data set. And Yes, this is the GeNumber of one of us.

    Q. What is the "My Music" option?
    A. In this early version of GeneGroove, we have included 11 sets of original music sounds to be used in the genomic melody creation process. The result is that you get 11 personal tracks of yours to choose from.

  • Q. 5. Saving and Sharing

    Q. Is it possible to save my GeneGroove melody?
    A. No. It will be soon available in the full GeneGroove version.

    Q. Is it possible to share my GeneGroove melody?
    A. No. It will be soon available in the full GeneGroove version.

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